Garbanzo, 'Black Kabouli'

(Cicer arietinum) One of our favorite discoveries of the past several years, we enjoy spending an inordinate amount of time keeping these pristine and weed-free as they are such a priority for us. Everything from their desire to be Spring planted with the peas to their delicate leaf and plant structure and finely veined, bi-colored purple/pink flowers keep us riveted, enraptured...I kid you not. Yes, we are easily delighted. More reliable though less productive then our other dry beans, they are Spring planted, harvested with the drypeas and yield one but more often two beans per pod. Also a rare tasty treat harvested and eaten fresh and green like English peas, steamed like Edamame or made into any number of delightful dishes and spreads. So go on. Certain rapture awaits.
95-115 days. UO

Packet: 1oz (~75-80 seeds)

Product Code: GAR-BK-pkt

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