Eryngium, 'Blue Glitter'

(Eryngium planum) Often known by their common name, sea holly, Eryngiums are dazzling perennials with a “Don’t-mess-with-me” vibe. Basal rosettes of leathery, deep green leaves stretch skyward with branching stems of prickly, thistle-like foliage and blooms. As they mature, both the flowers and stems that support them turn a fantastic silvery cobalt blue, each bloom surrounded by a decorative collar of long slender spikey sepals. Beloved for its distinct form in both fresh and dried arrangements, “Blue Glitter” was bred for the cut flower trade. Indifferent to poor soils and infrequent watering, it only asks of you a sunny spot and well-draining ground. Now, we spend perhaps an unusual amount of time in the summer sitting and observing pollinators on the farm, and I must say, our humble patch of Eryngium attracted a greater density and diversity of pollinators than anything else we grew this year. It was a truly magnificent humming microcosmos of activity.
Perennial blooms first year if started early. UO

Packet: 40 seeds

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