Eggplant, 'Diamond'

Amazing! Did you know that eggplants WEREN’T just flowering ornamentals here in the PNW but that they might actually produce fruit too...even outside of a greenhouse?! And not just a lonely token fruit to insult all your hard work. Lots of eggplants. Beautiful, slender, 4-8” long, buttery, and Not at all bitter eggplant. Some summers are cold. And wet. And then cold. Yet we are always still awash in these beauties. From our field, not our greenhouse. Even if you think you despise eggplant grow these and give them away to your friends and neighbors. They will be in awe of your mad skills. Seeds collected from Ukraine in 1993 by Kent Whealy, co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange. The most prolific variety we’ve grown for cool-climate production. Terrific for market.
70-80 days. AS

Packet: 25-30 seeds

Product Code: EGG-DI-pkt

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