Cucumber, 'Vorgebirgstrauben'

There are certain vegetables we waited quite a while before adding to our catalog. We love pickles, and for years we searched through catalogs and trialed pickling cuke varieties only to never quite be satisfied with what we found. The wrong texture, too shy or too spread out yields, bitter ends…we are fussy, and we’re OK with that, because we are also patient. That made the discovery of this little German pickler all that much sweeter. A little different than your typical American pickler, these have a dimpled bumpy skin at pickling stage. The name is a mouthful, the vines are heavy producers, the cukes snappy-crisp, and the flavor fresh and never bitter. The first pickler from more than a dozen trialed over the years that we found worthy of production for sale. These discoveries make us happy.
55-60 days. WF

Packet: 40-45 seeds

Product Code: CUC-VO-pkt

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