Cucumber (Mexican Sour Gherkin, Cucamelon), 'Sandita'

(Melothria scabra) Most commonly known as Sandita or Sandia de Raton (little watermelon or little mouse melon) this unusual little fruit is native to Mexico and Central America where it has been a dietary staple since pre-Columbian times. Crunchy with a bright lemony, almost pickled cucumber taste, they grow on tall, 6-8’ vines covered with lovely little leaves. Profusions of smooth-skinned 1-2” little green and white speckled watermelon looking and shaped fruit (think, fairy watermelons!) take hold quickly and are easily gathered from the ground where they fall when most ripe. They are delicious eaten raw, added to salsa’s, salads, as well as pickled or simply eaten as a juicy snack. Additionally, in warmer climates (or greenhouse grown in the north) plants produce edible tubers similar in appearance to crosnes or Chinese artichokes. Dr. Brandon Iker of Grand Rapids, MI who brought this to our attention (and provided the root picture) describes the taste as "cucumber-corn-radishes... sweet starchy and crunchy". Drought resistant and long keeping both on and off the vine. A fun way to add diversity and delicious fruit to your garden! Wonderful grown vertically on a trellis.
65-70 days. UO

Packet: 35 seeds

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