Cosmos, 'Velouette'

These last few years the birds have Loved our cosmos seed but we finally smartened up before total seed loss, netted the patch, and voila, seed! Always happy to feed the birds and bees and always happy to have some left to share with all of you. These flowers are gorgeous especially if you love the ease of cutting a single flower and enjoying a variety of colors. Ranging from pure crimson to white with delicate crimson striping, crimson with subtle white striping and stunning dusty rose, these 3-4’ tall plants with long cutting stems and a riot of blooms and buds mean they are both a terrific choice for cutting as well as a long-lasting delight. As with all cosmos, keeping them deadheaded will keep them blooming. Subtle sweet smell. Impressive bloom set.
70-85 days UO

Packet: 75 seeds

Product Code: COS-VE-pkt

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