Corn, 'Painted Mountain'

The life work of Montana breeder Dave Christensen, Painted Mountain is one of the great farm-bred successes of our time. In a time when seed companies were breeding corn for warm, humid mid-west and east coast climates, Christensen set out to develop a more rugged, early maturing mountain corn to grow in Montana conditions. Starting from an initial cross of close to 70 native dry corns (some now extinct), the variety has been selected upon for nearly 50 years and pushed to the limit of what corn can withstand. His efforts gained the attention of North Korean agricultural ministers who brought him, along with 3 tons of seed, to Korea to work with agronomists and growers to potentially aid their country’s food crisis. It has been grown successfully from Siberia to South Africa. Plants are compact at 5’ and produce long slender ears (6-8”) with just an unbelievable spectrum of colors. If you can’t mature it you should rethink growing dry corn where you live. Great for cornmeal and we love it for making posole. Resilient, diverse, and adaptable, this is Mad Max corn...the one that will survive the coming climate crisis.
85 days. WG

Packet: 1oz (~100 seeds)

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