Chrysanthemum/Shungiku, 'Broadleaf'

(Glebionis coronaria) This large-leafed chrysanthemum regularly finds itself in our “field mix” salads at the farm. Milder in flavor than other chrysanthemums we have grown, it doesn’t overwhelm in the same way that some cultivars can. The succulent leaves are broader, and less finely cut than the more commonly available shungiku types. It develops a branchy growth habit and can be harvested for leaves or the small rosette side shoots. Chrysanthemum loves the cooler seasons, and as we write this in mid-November after several frosts, the plants are looking happy as can be with loads succulent, dew-laden branches. Flowers are cheerful, some all yellow but most adorned with an outer ring of white on the petals. This seed originally came to the US from Japan with a delegation of PNW farmers and chefs that had traveled there as part of the “Seed to Plate Tour”, a food-system based cultural exchange organized by Stacey Givens of the Sideyard Farm and Kitchen in Portland. You can read about the project here.
30-40 days. AF

Packet: 250 seeds

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