Cauliflower, 'Prestige'

Overwintering Cauliflower is an amazing crop, fall-planted and requiring vernalization before heading in spring when there isn't much coming from the garden aside from greens. Historically there have been several good open-pollinated varieties out there but in the past decade, the couple breeders in Europe who were actively involved in the crop decided to discontinue the majority of them in favor of developing hybrids. We went on a hunt a number of years ago and bought up all the remaining lots (many by the packet) of as many cultivars as we could find from little seed companies in the UK and Europe before they disappeared. Our good friends at Adaptive Seeds tipped us off to Prestige as their favorite variety in its class, and shared the last of their seed (we also found some in our search). Overwintering cauliflower tends to live a bit on the edge through our PNW winters, but Prestige showed about 80% survival through our very severe winter of 2016-17, down to 16F nights for about a week in December, which is nothing short of amazing. The heads appear disappointingly small at first but steadily grow to very large pure white domes, maturing for us around the end of April. It is truly a treat to bring one in from the garden so early in the new growing season! This seed crop was grown with the very last of our seed, and we are relieved to know it will be around a while longer.
270 days (overwinter). UO

Packet: 100 seeds

*This seed has tested negative for both Black Leg (Phoma lingam) and Black Rot (Xanthomonus campestris) as required by the WA Dept of Ag crucifer seed quarantine.

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