Bupleurum, 'Green Gold'

(Bupleurum rotundifolium) Sometimes it takes a long time to do things right. But when it happens, it happens! Now this may be a small right thing, but at about 30”, we’re going to go ahead and call it big enough to count, considering how many years it took us to get this back in the catalog (8?)! If like us the idea of chartreuse green compound umbel flowers on top of wiry stems with eucalyptus-like green leaves makes you swoon, we’ve got you covered. This is the one you’ve been on the lookout for. Take it from a few folks who’ve been both growing and loving this flower forever because…lime green! I’ve been thinking and have decided there is nothing it does not go well with. Perfection and beauty.
80-90 Days. UO

Packet: 75 seeds

Product Code: BUP-GG-pkt

Availability:In stock

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