Broccoli, 'Solstice'

(Brassica oleracea) The (justifiably) much-maligned public opinion of open-pollinated broccoli among commercial growers is about to be turned on its head by a couple of new releases in the category. “Solstice” comes out of a gene pool started at OSU and later later selected on for several years by Jonathan Spero of Lupine Knoll Farm in Southern Oregon. Big Vigorous plants hold their tight, dark green heads high above the leaves on very long stems with excellent side shoot production. Maturity is much more uniform than most OPs while still giving about a week+ harvest window, a feature we find to be a positive attribute. Very early maturing!
70 days. UO, MP *OSSI*

We are saddened by the loss of Jonathan Spero who passed from this world this past April.

Packet: 100 seeds

Product Code: BRO-SO-pkt

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