Blood Sorrel

(Rumex sanguineus) Blood sorrel, also known as bloody dock or red-veined dock is a striking bright green, red-veined herbaceous perennial, culinary green, and aromatic herb (12-18” tall/around) hardy all the way down to zone 4. One of the first greens to emerge in the spring and last to go come fall and ever ready to put out tender new upright growth provided you supply encouragement by cutting it back. The taste is similar to other sorrels due to its oxalic acid content, tangy with a slightly acidic/lemony bite, and is lovely added to salads and sandwiches when young and tender or into soups, gratins, and sauces when more mature. Among the most ornamental of sorrels, you will find it to be just as happy in your flower garden. And if you ever find yourself on the verge of scurvy, this one here will supply the vit C you need! Appreciates consistent watering but is forgiving if you or the heavens forget. Though perennial in our area it is usually cultivated commercially as an annual for a continuous supply of tender baby leaves.
40-55 days (baby leaf). UO

Packet: 250 seeds

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