Beet, 'Chioggia'

Beets don’t get much more beautiful than this early 19th-century Italian heirloom from the Veneto. The bright red roots reveal the classic red and white bull’s-eye patterned interior when sliced crosswise. One of the most beautiful dishes we’ve ever made was a beet carpaccio, a pine nut pate sandwiched between two paper-thin marinated Chioggia slices and topped with pesto oil. The flavor is milder but sweeter than traditional dark red beets. We’ve been wanting to sell this beet for years but have been waiting to secure a worthy strain. Chioggia has been well known to be variable and funky in its genetics. We find ours to be as uniform yet more vigorous than the other “improved” entrant in this class, Guardsmark.
60 days. UO, HW, MP

Packet: 100 seeds

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