Beet, 'Boston'

A special selection from Dutch bred cultivar “Boltardy,” which has become one of the most popular beets in England and the beet of choice for spring planting. Beets are by nature, biennials and a common problem with spring-sown crops are that the cool spring weather tricks them into thinking they have gone through a winter, triggering bolting before the plants have grown a proper root. As their name suggests, Boltardy types have been selected to require a higher degree of vernalization, consequently making them much more resistant to spring bolting (so much so that it can be tricky to produce seed!) Uniform and refined, Boston produces excellent crops of smooth-skinned red globes with excellent pigmentation and flavor. Especially suited to spring sowing, but a great choice all season long.
60 days. UO

Packet: 100 seeds

Product Code: BEE-BO-pkt

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