Bean, Pole Snap, 'Marvel of Venice'

We have become very picky over the years when it comes to flavor with fresh beans and think it’s a tragically overlooked quality in modern bean breeding that focuses too much on looks and yields alone. We have tried and turned down several recommended varieties because they simply don’t taste as good as a handful we know and love. Marvel of Venice is one we have fallen in love with year after year; just so rich and buttery it may well be tops in our experience for flavor. Long, flat, golden-yellow Romano-type pods bear early and prolifically on strong climbing vines. Perfect lightly steamed and tossed with olive oil and lemon. We tried both the black-seeded and white-seeded strains this summer and strongly preferred the white seeded both for earliness and flavor. We have worked to virtually eliminate the green off-types (these taste just as wonderful by the way) that plague much of the commercially available seed. If you grow them, plan to give them 7’ or so of support. These beans are irresistible!
55-60 days. UO

Packet: 40 seeds

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