Bean, Bush Snap, 'Empress'

Empress is simply our best bush green bean for both eating quality and yield. We usually grow Provider as our first succession for its strength in cool soil germination, and then Empress for the rest of the season. Vigorous plants hang heavy with long, straight 6-7” pods. Crisp and delicious they are slow to turn starchy and tough. Also great for canning and freezing. White seed.
55 days. UO

Packet: 1oz (~90 seeds)

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Growing Info


Direct seed after the last frost date when soil has warmed and then every 2-3 weeks for continued harvest. 

Note: Beans prefer well-drained soil.




6 seeds per linear foot in rows 12-18" apart.


5-10 days @ soil temp 70-90F


Full sun to part shade


Low to average. Beans prefer well-drained warm soil with a pH between 6.0-7.0.


Beans prefer warm soils and may rot at lower temperatures. This is particularly true for white seeded varieties. You love beans. Patience.

To increase yields in areas where beans have not previously been grown, use an inoculant to introduce rhizobia bacteria into the soil.