Bean, Bush Snap, 'Blooming Prairie'

We generally regard purple beans as we do purple bell peppers or purple kale, that is, quite nice to look at, but nothing that tastes remotely as good as it looks (and often even that phrasing is too polite). Enter Blooming Prairie, passed along to us from Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds in BC. Named after a town in Minnesota, Blooming Prairie hangs heavy with glossy purple, slender, straight and crisp pods. The flavor is full and decidedly old-school “beany” in the best way, the texture, crisp and refreshing. This is one that may change your opinion about purple beans, it did ours. Sometimes these like to think they pole beans! IF you give them support they may vine up a couple of feet. Don't give them any ideas! As a side note, the dry beans are simply gorgeous!
55-60 days. UO

Packet: 1/2oz.(~50 seeds)

Product Code: BEA-BP-pkt

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