Bean, Bush Dry, 'Rosso di Lucca'

*Ark of Taste Heirloom*
Years ago, when our son Rowan was barely able to ride in a bike seat, we spent a lovely afternoon bicycling around the renaissance-era walls of the beautiful northern Tuscan city of Lucca. It is from the plains surrounding the picturesque city that these speckled red-orange beans hail. With its designated Slow Food presidium, fagioli Rossa di Lucca is part of the local food landscape and featured in hearty faro and vegetable soups, pasta e fagioli, or just simply cooked and served with sage and good olive oil. Compact bushes yield early and heavy harvests of the striking rose-to-pink-to-orange beans with dark burgundy speckles. A versatile and beautiful dry bean for the winter pantry, well adapted to our PNW climate.
90 days. UO

Packet: 1oz (~60 seeds)

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