Bean, Bush Dry, 'Rockwell'

*Ark of Taste Heirloom*
An heirloom from the Coupeville area of Central Whidbey Island in WA, it is named after the late 1800’s pioneer Elisha Rockwell who brought it to the area. Though it never became a commercial crop, the bean has remained popular in homestead gardens for well over a century, renowned for its ability to germinate in cool soil, its early maturity, and outstanding flavor. The beans are creamy-white with a mottled burgundy spot around the hilum and are great for most dishes but are especially known for making terrific baked beans. Our seed stock came from the folks at Willowood Farm in Coupeville who are working to popularize this local treasure. A first-rate, productive dry bean for our maritime climate. Very rare and recently boarded on the Slowfood USA Ark.
80 days. UO

Packet: 1oz (~85 seeds)

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Growing Info


Direct seed after the last frost date when soil has warmed. 

Note: Beans prefer well-drained, warm soil.




6 seeds per linear foot, 2-3" between plants, in rows 15-18" apart.


5-10 days @ soil temp 65-90F


Full sun to part shade


Low to average. Beans prefer well-drained warm soil with a pH between 6.0-7.0.


Beans prefer warm soils and may rot at lower temperatures. This is particularly true for white seeded varieties. You love beans. Patience.

To increase yields in areas where beans have not previously been grown, use an inoculant to introduce rhizobia bacteria into the soil.

Allow pods to dry on plant before harvest.