Bean, Bush Dry, 'Marfax'

Also known as Marafax, or Marifax, This beloved New England bean has a long but difficult to track history, said by some to have been introduced by the federal government to “Downeast” Maine during the depression. Medium-sized, round, buff-brown beans are rich in flavor and very well adapted to cool climate growing. It is a classic variety for baked beans and hearty soups with a toothsome texture that retains its shape even with long slow cooking. A traditional way of cooking these in old Maine logging camps was the “Bean Hole”, a rock-lined fire pit in the ground where the bean pot was buried and slow-cooked from the heat of the stones. We grew Marfax years ago and are always thrilled to have it as one of our dry bean staples (we may very well eat more than we sell!). Very early, reliable and mouthwatering with rosemary and olive oil.
85 days. UO

Packet: 1oz (~ 80 seeds)

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