Zucchini, 'Costata Romanesco'

(C. pepo) We are odd enough here at Uprising to hold a blind zucchini taste-off, and I don’t recall Costata ever being unseated from the top spot (which perhaps ultimately begs the question, why do we continue to do this most years?) While its light green color and prominently ribbed fruit might worry some, we converted the majority of our market regulars to the superiority and rich, nutty flavor of this unique looking Italian heirloom. Big and sprawling plants produce prolifically with an added bonus of very large male flowers for stuffing. We continued to grow the regular straight green zukes for the non-adventurous, and those wanting the comfort of the familiar, but these are the ones we eat at home. Our strain is the most uniform and productive we’ve seen.
55 days. WG

Packet: 25 seeds

Product Code: ZUC-CR-pkt

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