Winter Squash, 'Zucca Mantovana'

(C. Maxima) The city of Mantova, in the province of Lombardy in Northern Italy, is a picturesque center of culture and cuisine. The surrounding plains stretching across the Po river valley into Emilia Romagna form much of the northern bread basket of Italy, home to many of the famous Italian cured meats, cheeses like Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, and Parmigiano-Reggiano, and large tracts of vegetable production. Also known locally as “Bishops Hat” and “Berrettina Piacentina” this beautiful slate blue turban-type squash features prominently in a typical dish from the city and its surroundings, Tortelli di zucca: ravioli stuffed with an interesting and delicious flavor mix of winter squash, mustard oil infused preserved quince, and ground up amaretto cookies. If you dare defy tradition however, the squash has a lovely rich flavor and thick texture also suitable for gnocchi, or roasting and adding to autumnal grain and chicory salads. The medium-sized 5-8 pound fruits grow on vigorous, sprawling vines. One of the most beautiful squashes we grow.
100 days. UO, WG

Packet: 15 seeds

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