Winter Squash, 'Oregon Homestead Sweet Meat'

(C. maxima) When it comes to winter keepers, Sweet Meat is a northwest classic. Sweet, thick, dry flesh makes for excellent pies, soups, and just plain delicious eating. An excellent keeper known to stick around and improve in storage for upwards of 6-7 months. Originally bred by the Gill Brothers seed company of Portland, OR, and reselected by Oregon breeder Carol Deppe for cool soil emergence, large seeds, thick flesh, long storability, and vigorous growth, even in cool conditions. Beautiful slate blue/grey skin. Produce 2+ fruits per plant at 10-20lbs. Allow plenty of space for these vigorous vines. 100-115 days. AV *OSSI*

Packet: 15 seeds

Product Code: SQU-SM-pkt

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