Winter Squash, 'Marine Grey Kabocha'

(C. maxima) Kabocha has long been among our very favorite winter squashes with its flakey, nutty, rich orange flesh and medium size that’s able to be used up in a single meal. Marine Grey has been an on again off again breeding project of ours for nearly a decade. We originally sought to create a more productive open-pollinated Kabocha squash, crossing two popular commercial hybrids as parents and then honing in on the shape and size we desired over many generations. When we started focusing on taste, however, the color shifted from the dark green we usually associate with commercial kabocha's in the US market, to a grey/green variant that had in our opinion the best flavor of the population. Living in the Pacific Northwest we consider ourselves specialists in grey so “Marine Grey” stuck. Vigorous, vining plants produce about three 2.5-3.5 lb fruits per plant. Deliciously rich sweet flesh, for roasting, soups, tempura, or even pies. Uprising Original.
90 days. UO

Packet: 25 Seeds

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