Winter Squash, 'Bitterroot Buttercup'

(C. maxima) Bred for short-season production for the old Garden City Seeds of northern Montana, Bitterroot has earned its keep in our farm production. One of the more prolific varieties in the cooler seasons, it matures early and stores well. Like Kabocha, it is richer and flakier than the finer textured, moister pepo squashes, which are qualities we love in winter squash. Expect about 5-6 dark green 3-4# squashes with blocky squared-off shoulders and a lighter grey “button” on the blossom end. First-rate outstanding flavor for roasting, soups, and gnocchi. Winter is around the corner. You'll be prepared!
95 days. CV, MP

Packet: 25 seeds

Product Code: SQU-BI-pkt

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