Summer Squash, 'Yellow Crookneck'

(C. Pepo) A variety that needs little introduction, Yellow Crookneck has been in the commercial seed trade in the US for nearly 200 years and likely predates that by quite a bit. When we grew for fresh market, we’d display all our summer squashes mixed together and, without fail, someone would come along early on and, with a wink, dig through the pile and clean us out of the crooknecks. They are unsurpassed in creamy texture and buttery flavor and plenty of people know it! Big plants come on a little later than the zukes but sustain over a long period. At their best under 6” before they get warty and turn from lemon yellow to gold. A defining food of summer they should find a home in everyone’s garden.
60 days. GL

Packet: 25 seeds

Product Code: SQU-YC-pkt

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