Kale, 'Russian Frills'

(B. napus) Enjoy a lovely reintroduction, originally bred in Oregon and then rediscovered on a farm in Belgium by our good friends at Adaptive Seeds who brought it back to the marketplace. Purple veined mature leaves develop secondary and tertiary degrees of frilling giving the plants an amazingly voluminous and starry appearance when fully mature. Like other Siberian types, extremely winter-hardy while retaining a tender eating quality that is unsurpassed. Baby leaves are virtually identical to regular Red Russian and an excellent addition to salad/braising mixes.
55 days. UO

Packet: 1g (~240 seeds)

*This seed has tested negative for both Black Leg (Phoma lingam) and Black Rot (Xanthomonus campestris) as required by the WA Dept of Ag crucifer seed quarantine.

Product Code: KAL-RF-pkt

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