Corn, 'Tuxana'

I’ve always read “great old fashioned corn flavor!” in seed catalogs to mean, “not sweet, starchy, and …well…pretty bad” (kind of like “great for cooking!” in carrot descriptions). If you are seeking super-sweet Se and Se2 style corn, there are lots of hybrids to choose from (and some exciting OPs in the pipeline). But this is a well-bred and soulful sweet corn. I realized perhaps for the first time last year, that modern sweeties are really not very good for anything but fresh corn on the cob. For salsa, chowder, etc we look for a more complex, rounded, classic taste and texture. Tasters found Tuxana, fresh on the cob, to have a compelling creaminess and…well…great old fashioned corn flavor. Tall plants with large, full, white kernelled ears. Bred and being selected yearly by Jonathan Spero of Lupine Knoll Farm.
80 days. LK *OSSI*

We are saddened to report that Jonathan Spero passed from this life this past April. May he be at peace. We will be celebrating his breeding work by keeping this great variety going into the future.

Packet: 1oz (100 seeds)

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