Corn, 'Amish Butter'

Long ago I can distinctly remember craving Amish Butter on account of a glowing catalog description….Creamy! Buttery! Needs no salt or oil! I am happy to report that it only gets better. Amish delivers on the popcorn front with large, fluffy white popcorn and opens up a world of versatility in one variety. Ground coarsely or made into masa (hominy) and flour it can then be used for polenta, tamales, grits, breads, cookies...its flavor is that good. 8’ plants selected for 6” conical heads with both rice and pearl type kernels. It’s nice when such delights can be had and shared from a small handful of seed. Pre–1885 yellow kernelled seed maintained by the PA Dutch and brought into the market in 1988 by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Our seed came originally from Anthony and Carol Boutard of Ayers Creek Farm in Gaston, OR.
100 days. WG

Packet: 1/2oz (~100 seeds)

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