Tomato, 'Galina'

We cleaned up a contaminated strain to bring back this cultivar we first discovered while living in VT. Potato leaf variety with very early, bright yellow cherry tomatoes approx 1” diameter. Taste is somewhat reminiscent of a yellow pear tomato grown in the heat of the Midwest. Fragrant with a nice burst of subtle sweetness and thinner skin. Resists cracking at all costs! Let ripen to golden yellow for the richest taste. Very productive resisting light frosts. Crystine loves them and here’s what you should know: Leave them. Enjoy your other tomatoes in the heat of summer. Pick some occasionally to add a little yellow to your tomato salad. Dry, wet, it doesn’t matter. They won’t split. EVER. When the weather gets cool and rainy and the rest of your tomatoes have gone south, these magically get freakishly good. And not just “good” in comparison to the others’ badness. Like, really good...sweet and flavorful and all that. It's inexplicable. They’ll last for a month or two once picked too. We picked a tote full one fall and never got around to squeezing them for seed. Left ‘em out in the backyard for 5 weeks in the rains of Sept-Oct and once we gathered the courage to peek, we found most were still edible. This is one weird tomato and well worth trying. Consider it your last taste of summer. Crystine gets the last laugh. Again. P.S. Crystine thinks they’re tops Any Old Time! But by all means, wait if you’d like. Indeterminate.
65-75 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

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Growing Info


Sow 4-7 weeks before your last frost date.

Transplant out after danger of frost (50+F nighttime temps).

Note: Don't start too early or plants will be leggy and root-bound! Tomatoes do well in clay to loam soils. 




18" spacing in rows 5' apart.


10-14 days @ soil temp 70-85F


Full sun


Medium-Heavy. Prefers well-drained, well-balanced fertile soil with a pH between 6.0-7.5. Note that excess Nitrogen will encourage foliage, not fruit! Low calcium and irregular watering will result in blossom end rot.


Row cover may be used for extra warmth and possible earlier fruit set.

Irregular watering can result in blossom end rot.

Plant deeply to encourage healthy root structure.

Indeterminate varieties may benefit from pruning suckers to encourage air flow, plant health, and energy towards plant top and fruit.

Trellis! We really like the Florida weave.