Sweet Pepper, 'Yellow Nardello'

We first came across this gem when Lane Selman of the Culinary Breeding Network started throwing "Variety Showcase" events back in 2014(!). Anne Berblinger of Gales Meadow Farm had brought it to feature at her table and I remember just standing and looking at it thinking "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?!"

The red version "Jimmy Nardello" has been one of our favorite peppers for almost 20 years, since we first started farming. A classic sweet Italian frying pepper, long with medium-thick walls and outrageously delicious flavor, it has gained a following and for good reason. We've always farmed in short season, northern climates, and Nardellos thrive in those conditions: plants are compact, and bear early and heavily.

We have always loved colorful mixes for cheerful presentations both at market and on the plate and who wouldn't want this classic in a new color? Anne has been growing it for years at Gales Meadow Farm in Oregon for years after discovering what must have been a chance outcrossing with a yellow pepper and then saving seeds. We are inspired by the forward thinking of growers like Anne who work with seeds and develop varieties such as this to better their fresh market production. She generously shared seeds with us a couple years ago and we have been enjoying growing it.

The variety still throws some off types but gets more uniform each generation. As of 2021, Id estimate 80-85% of the plants showed the classic Nardello shape and bright yellow color at maturity. They mature about a week to ten days later than the red, and the off types tend to mature a little earlier than the correct ones (and all of 'em are delicious). Plants hang heavy with fruit. Red and yellow nardello fried pepper sammies are officially a thing in our home now. Thank you Anne!
90 days. UO

Packet: ~30 seeds

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Growing Info


Indoors, 5-8 weeks before your last frost date.

Transplant out after danger of frost (50+ nighttime temps).

Note: Protect well from the cold!




12-18" spacing in rows 18" apart.


10-14 days @ soil temp 70-85F


Full sun


Moderate. Prefers well-drained, fertile soil with ample phosphorous and calcium and a pH between 6.5-6.8.


Pepper seeds will germinate very slowly and poorly in cold soil.

Use a floating row cover to keep plants warmer during the day and as protection from cold nights.

Harvesting ripe fruit consistently will encourage fruit production.