Sweet Pea Sp., 'Lathyrus Chloranthus'

(Lathyrus chloranthus) These flowers are spring embodied! Exquisitely curling tendrils (so many!), lush foliage and brilliant lime green pea flowers. They don’t smell because they don’t have to. Perfection is sometimes quiet and disregarded. You, of course, are better than that which is why you will sow (nick first and soak in warm water) these seeds and show the world that you too are resilient, appreciative and lively. Amazing the power of one plant. 5’ with constant electric green blooms and ridiculously profuse curly tendrils. Simply stunning in bouquets and in your garden. One of our very favorites and a rare one to find this side of the pond. I cannot declare enough how much we love these! Around these parts, it stays pretty green year-round but winter can be daunting. And soggy. And grey for just a little too long. With the spring, renewal! Sun! Short bouts of something akin to dry. In other words, some renewed hope ignites our damp hearts. I know it can seem like too much to attribute such joy to plants but that’s exactly what I’m doing here, and I will not be stopped.
80 days. UO

Packet: 2g (~50 seeds)

Product Code: SWP-LC-pkt

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