Winter Squash, 'Black Futsu'

(C. Moschata) This small, bumpy, heavily ribbed Japanese squash is gaining in popularity, showing up at more and more farmers markets and produce departments, and for good reason. Fairly early for a moschata family squash, it has a very smooth, fine-grained flesh and a fruity flavor at harvest that lends itself to thinly sliced raw or pickled preparations. The fruitiness takes on a nutty depth in storage and is excellent roasted in wedges or battered and fried as tempura. With its very edible thin skin, it doesn’t require peeling. Productive vines have a medium sprawl and very heavy fruit set. The dark green fruits ripen to a remarkable buff tawny blushed bluish color and develop a thin white film known as “bloom” on the surface. Highly recommended.
100 days. UO

Packet: 20 seeds

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