Corn, 'Dakota Black'

We are not ashamed to say, in the height of the busy growing season, after a long day's work, with no motivation left to cook, we have served up our fair share of popcorn family dinners. (You thought we had anything left at the end of the day to actually cook any of those veggies we so lovingly nurtured for market?). Fact is, we eat a LOT of popcorn around here, and I am so glad we have found a cultivar that we can reliably mature in NW Washington. A product of the Podoll family’s inspiring farm-based breeding program at Prairie Road Organics in Fullerton, ND, Dakota Black produces show-stopping 6-7” glossy garnet-black ears on sturdy plants. Kernels pop up pure white. The Podolls have been working at Prairie Road to select for a rounder kernel shape which they consider to produce superior popcorn, and our stock comes from their latest selection. This is one of the varieties we hold most dear for home use. And, we promise, this seed Grows and Matures in N.WA!
95-100 days. WG

Packet: 1/2oz (~90 seeds)

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