Pea, Petit Pois 'Waverex'

(Petit pois) Chris Field of Campo Rosso Farm brought to our attention last season that ‘Waverex’, once considered the standard for petit pois, had all but disappeared from North American catalogs. Starting with some stock sourced from the UK (where the variety hails from) we’re endeavoring to bring it back. Petit pois, or “tiny peas” haven’t really caught on in the states despite being the sweetest, tenderest shelling peas you can grow. While true P. sativum, they are miniatures in every way... but taste. Dwarf plants do not require staking, mature very early, and hang with two or more pods per node, each packed tight with the little delicacies. A bit of work to shell en masse due to the peas’ very small size, they are worth the extra effort (of course!) upping your flavor game for all the spring pea dishes: pea and mint risotto; gnocchi with morels, peas, and asparagus; pureed pea, shallot, and lemon soup…need we go on? Excellent for freezing. Available in packets only as we build stock.
55 days. UO

Packet: 1/2oz (~110 seeds)

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