Fava, 'Masterpiece'

Favas have found their way more and more into our culinary enjoyment of early summer (and beyond) and as such, Masterpiece came recommended to us by a grower friend as having the biggest beans they had ever seen in a fava.  The excellent English cultivar with beautiful large green seeds was a standout for us in 2021, with vigorous productive plants growing to about 3'.  A Royal Horticultural Society award of garden merit winner.
75-80 days. UO

Packet: 20-25 seeds

*Not available for 2024.

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Growing Info


Spring sow for mid-summer harvest.

Fall sow (Sept-Oct) for spring harvest.

Note: Fava beans prefer well-drained soil, cooler temps (below 75F), and are frost hardy.




3 seeds per linear foot in rows 12-18" apart.


10-15 days @ soil temp 50-70F


Full sun to part shade


Low to average. Fava beans prefer well-drained soil with a pH between 6.0-6.5.


To increase yields in areas where beans have not previously been grown, use an inoculant to introduce rhizobia bacteria into the soil.

Extreme heat is not preferred and will negatively affect flowering and pod set.

Stake or trellis for best results.

Harvest at shelly stage when beans swell in the green pods or let dry in pods.