Melon, 'Giallo d'Inverno'

Not to be confused with the winter melon of China (actually a wax gourd), this winter melon hails from Italy and belongs to the family of C. melo that includes cassaba and honeydew. Winter melons are so named as they are generally eaten in the cool months, often stored for months and marketed with elaborate netting around the holidays. While we haven’t found Giallo d’Inverno (Italian for “yellow of winter”) to store much longer than a month or so in our admittedly poor storage conditions, we’ve fallen in love with it nonetheless. Yellow, football-shaped fruit has a slightly wavy skin and sweet flesh the color and texture of a ripe pear. The flavor is more honeydew than cantaloupe but is really more of its own thing. Very productive, uniform and enjoyable for us the past couple of years at the farm. 90-95 days. UO

Packet: 25 seeds

Product Code: MEL-GI-pkt

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