Melon, 'Eel River'

This variety was brought to our attention by Tom and Maud Powell of Wolf Gulch Farm as their favorite melon. Eel River originally dates back to the mid 1900s in Northern CA, and from there it has a rather muddled history. It is said to have been the product of a cross between a Japanese melon, brought back by Humboldt County character Bear Jones, and a European musk melon. From there it was further bred and reselected for years by Bill Reynolds of Eel River Produce to become the variety we sell today. It looks very similar to another regionally famous melon from Northern California, "Crane" developed by the Crane family of Santa Rose, and it is unclear to what extent their lineages are connected. We've read both that the Crane was derived from the original cross described above (with subsequent additional crosses) and also that it predates it by 50 years. Wherever the truth lies, it is a glorious creature. Like Crenshaw type melons, they are 3-5 lbs, slightly teardrop-shaped, and yellow/buff colored with green speckles. The incredibly aromatic orange flesh is very creamy and deliciously sweet. Best suited to warmer microclimates of the PNW. Judge ripeness by color and scent. Does not slip.
80-90 days. WG, UO

Packet: 25 seeds

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