Delphinium, Chinese, 'Pink Butterfly'

(Delphinium chinensis) Loose, airy plants covered in delicate, pale pink-rose blooms accented with a green dot on the back of each petal. Quite different in shape and habit than other delphiniums, forming sprays of long-lasting cuts and long-blooming flowers from June-late September. A short lived perennial most often grown as an annual, sow seeds in either early fall or late winter (preferred). Looks delicate, is mighty. 1.5’ tall/wide.  **all parts of plant are considered poisonous if consumed by humans or livestock**
Annual/perennial. UO

Packet: 50 seeds

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Growing Info


Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost.

Transplant after last frost.

Direct seed after last frost.

Note: To improve germination, chill seed one week before sowing. Tolerant of cooler and warmer temps. Blooms first year!


1/8-1/4" Darkness required to germinate.


9-12" in rows 15" apart.


14-21 days @ soil temp 55F. Does not germ well above 55F.


Full sun to part shade


Average to high. Prefers well-drained, and evenly moist soil.


Fresh and dried flower

Cut when 1/3 of stem is in bloom and expect a vase life of one week. Note that the growth habit is shorter with short stems.

Allow flowers to open and hang upside down to dry.