Erba Stella

(Plantago coronopus) The name translates from Italian to “star grass”, an apt description of this lovely plant. Native to Europe’s rocky coastline, it is a seaside plant that thrives in cool wet weather (sound familiar?) and even saline soils. It is a survivor to the extreme and, no offense to your gardening enthusiasm, it needs nothing from you. It’s a delightful little green with long, slender, antler-like leaves, a succulent quality, and a satisfying crunch. The flavor is mild, tending towards nutty which, along with its unique appearance, makes it an unusual and distinctive addition to salads. We are salad green nerds here at Uprising and this was another exciting success in our quest for winter/spring hardy greens for the PNW garden. Best quality before flowering. AKA “Minutina” and “Buckshorn Plantain”.
50 days. UO

Packet: .25g (~500 seeds)

Product Code: GRE-ES-pkt

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