Chervil, 'Vertissimo'

(Anthriscus cerefolium) Originally native to the Caucuses and spread widely by the Romans, chervil is a lovely aromatic herb with a delicate, fern-like appearance and bright yet subtle aniseed flavor. Very popular in France, it is part of the herb mixture known as “fines herbes”, a mainstay of French cuisine. Often used to season egg, seafood, and vegetable based dishes, it is also more and more finding a home in specialty salad mixes, where it lends a wonderful flavor and texture. “Vertissimo” is selected for rapid re-growth after cutting making it well suited to commercial production in addition to home scale use. One of the most used herbs from our home-kitchen garden in the summertime.
60 days. UO

Packet : 150 seeds

Product Code: HER-VE-pkt

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