Cabbage, 'Verza Marinanta'

*This seed is offered as part of the "Gusto Italiano Project", a collaborative partnership between Uprising Seeds, Italian breeders Smarties.Bio, and the Culinary Breeding Network. Certified organic seed is grown in Italy by Smarties.Bio, Chioggia, It.*

Verza Marinanta is a beautiful green winter savoy from the Veneto, with somewhat flattened heads, pure blanched white interiors, and a buttery smooth flavor and texture. An absolute standout for its eating quality, it reminds us a bit of our other winter cabbage from the region, Verza Moretta, without the purple blush and with a less ruffly savoy quality. While Verza Moretta goes well into January and even February some years for harvest, Marninanta is not quite as winter hardy and should be considered a December harvest cabbage.

Packet: 100 seeds.

*This seed has tested negative for both Black Leg (Phoma lingam) and Black Rot (Xanthomonus campestris) as required by the WA Dept of Ag crucifer seed quarantine.

Product Code: SMA-MR-pkt

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