Cress, 'Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled'

(Lepidium sativum) One of Frank Morton’s most successful original varieties ever. A cross between ‘Persian’ and ‘curly’ cress, the result is a blistered wrinkled lobed leaf that is held up high for easy cutting on a relatively long stem. Its one of the spicier greens in our salad mixes with a distinctive peppery pungency (very similar to nasturtium leaves and flowers). A modern classic amongst salad-heads. I know some of us tend toward distinct classifications, but cress, gone to seed, makes a lovely filler in a bouquet or wreath. I know. I know. Trust me on this one. You can now double-crop salad greens and flowers on the same plant. Such versatility! Will wonders never cease?
21 days. UO

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