Cilantro, 'Pokey Joe'

(Coriandrum sativum) When we first started selling Pokey Joe it had fallen off the commercial map and was a rescue job. The variety was brought to our attention by Scott Chichester of Nash’s Farm in Sequim, WA who had continued to grow it and save their own seed. The quality of taste is too often neglected in the modern seed trade. Pokey has all the attractive field qualities of more well known “Santo” (AKA “Slowbolt”) but just plain tastes better. It beat it handily in recent variety trials held by the Organic Seed Alliance. Why do such varieties disappear from the trade…? Who knows, but we are working to bring back the best of them. As far as we can find, we are now the exclusive source of this gem. Great insectary plant as well, if allowed to bloom and wonderful as an airy filler in bouquets! Aphid eating syrphid flies love this. Rare.
50 days. WG, AV

Packet: (150 Seeds)


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