Tomato, 'Stupice'

Very early and very productive Czech variety with a strong following amongst PNW gardeners. Bred in the mid-’50s at an ag station in the community of Stupice just east of Prague and introduced to the US by Abundant Life Seed Foundation in 1977. 2-3” deep red tomatoes with a nice balance of sweet/acid flavor. At this point, Stupice (pronounced “stu-peach”) is a reliable old friend regardless of whether it is one of the first red tomatoes out of the garden year after year. Potato leaf foliage on compact 4’ Indeterminate vines. We have never been let down by their full flavor, early and ongoing productivity, and quality. Harvested by the bushel from field-grown plants which can be challenging in our climate. Mix with similarly sized Jaune Flammee and Czech’s Excellent Yellow for an eye-catching tricolor heirloom mix.
Indeterminate. 60-65 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

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