Corn, 'Floriani Red Flint'

Known as "spinna rossa della Valsugana" in its native alpine home, the Sugana Valley in the Northern Italian province of Trentino, Floriani is an old land-race variety selected by the local farmers for many generations for one purpose: polenta. Like grits to the American south, polenta is at the center of the hearty rustic gastronomy of these southern foothills of the Alps, coarsely ground and slow-cooked to creamy perfection. Its flavor is exceptional, and while polenta is its traditional preparation, it is equally at home ground for corncakes and breads. We at Uprising have a soft spot for the Italian staple though and there are few dishes craved more than polenta ai funghi de bosco, soft polenta topped with porcini mushrooms. If you like, grate in some sharp alpine cheese like pecorino, lightly braise something from the chicory family, open a bottle of Nebbiolo and spend a couple of hours with friends.
90-100 days. CF

Packet: 1oz (80 seeds)

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