Calendula, 'Zeolights'

(C. officinalis) We love our cheery mix of yellow, orange and pale petal calendula varieties (above) but if we had to pick our favorite single strain this would be it. Selected out of the “flashback” line of calendulas that have maroon on the undersides of the petals, Zeolights has huge fully doubled salmon/apricot colored blooms. The pointed petals have a unique layered quality giving them a finely cut mandala-like appearance. Very elegant and slightly later blooming, with long stems for cutting. Edible flowers.
60 days. AV, TR *OSSI*

Packet: 50 seeds


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Growing Info


Sow indoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost.

Transplant out after last frost.

May direct seed in early Spring after last frost.

Note: Hardy reseeding annual.




6-10" between plants in rows 12" apart.


7-14 days @ soil temp 60-85F


Full sun to part shade.


Average. Grow in all soils although well-drained, fertile, and evenly moist soil is preferred.


Attracts pollinators!

Edible flowers are perfect for tea, salves, tincture, and oils, and for sprinkling on cakes, salads, etc.

Cut, edible, and medicinal flowers.

You may pinch when 8-9" tall to encourage branching.

Harvest flowers when 1/3 open and expect a vase life of 6-7 days.