Tomato, 'Carbon'

The taste test winner many years in a row, Carbon is one of the most successful beefsteak size tomatoes we’ve grown, uncovered, out in the field yet. We easily harvested a couple of hundred pounds of fruit from about 50-row feet of plants. Flattened 12-16 oz fruits have brownish shoulders and deep dark red flesh. The flavor is a revelation, deep, rich, complex. The best description I can give is immediate silence and then eyes, half-closed and rolling back in bliss, at a happy autumn tomato-tasting. Content nods and “yep, that one” announced a near-unanimous winner. It has a bit of heirloom tomato funk, concentric cracking and blossom end “cat-facing” (though much better than most), but if your bottom line is flavor, this is the one. Indeterminate.
85 days. CV

Packet: 30-35 seeds

Product Code: TOM-CA-pkt

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