Datura, 'Sacred Datura'

(Datura wrightii) Night-blooming and night-scented plants sweeten the air and brightly reflect the light of the moon. None do this more effectively than our Sacred Datura, with thick, purple stems and silver-green foliage that gracefully branches to fill a 4' space. A handsome plant in the daytime, the real show begins at dusk. Long white flower buds slowly unfurl over the course of a few days, opening at sundown into fragrant 8" diameter trumpets, accented by five points and light purple highlights on the back. Drought tolerant, but also very happy in normal sunny garden conditions. Flowers bloom until October. Perennial in zones 7-10, Sacred Datura has come back from the roots every year thus far at our home farm. *Poisonous, will cause harm if ingested.*

Packet: 30 seeds


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