Craspedia, 'Sun Ball'

(Craspedia globosa) One of our favorite new flowers on the farm in 2019, Craspedia is an exercise in minimalist modern design. Dense 1-1.5” golden flower-orbs float and sway weightlessly on wiry stems 30” above their slender, silvery rosettes of foliage. Commonly known as drumsticks, billy buttons, and wooly heads they are originally native to Australia and New Zealand. An excellent cut flower both fresh and dried, they add an unusual, exotic, and almost “non-floral” geometric element to arrangements. It benefits from horizontal grid-type support for straight stems. Once established they are drought tolerant and relatively pest-free. Usually grown as annuals in the north, they can perennialize in zone 9 and warmer.
110 days. UO

Packet: 75 seeds

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